Pia Grüter


born: 26.11.1985
nationality: German/Finnish

My name is Pia, I am an artist, living and working in Berlin. I did my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Maastricht (Netherlands), and completed my MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus University Weimar in 2016.

I love combining travel with artistic research. In many of my own projects and art residencies, I’ve incorporated travel and field research into my creative process. All my experiences have made me realize the power of investigative travel for artistic projects, as well as the great potential of artist residencies that offer unique working environments. Currently I am building and establishing a new art platform, called Mobile AIR - a mobile Artist In Residence platform (check "work" for more information).
I want to see these great concepts and approaches melt together into a single residency, and I want to open doors for investigative field research projects in a unique environment.