Sounds of Japan


Artist in Residence Project

August – December 2012, Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park, Shigaraki, Japan

I researched into the form of a horn speaker, which offers two interesting acoustical qualities. It collects a plurality of various sounds of a wide space, to compress them and to lead them towards one acceptor. Furthermore it reinforces a sound from one source to enlarge it for a wider space. During my Residence in Shigaraki I combined those aspects of the horn with traditions that I encountered in Japan.

In my installations I used the horn itself and the material it was made of as a part of a sound source. By triggering it with a stimulus such as the so called „Maneki Neko“ japanese lucky cat, which had moving arms knocking on the backside of the ceramic horns.

Visiting the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto I found the tradition of the „Furin“ wind bell, which is a typical symbol in japanese summers, supposed to keep the evil away. At this temple the bells were installed in a plurality of approximately 100 pieces. I took the idea of the Furin, to make it sound out loud in my work with 30 ceramic horns.

In another work I used the horn as a portable instrument, which would change your detection of your acoustic environment. It is a tool and an invitation to wander around and experiment sonic happenings and standards from a new and staggered perspective.
One interesting effect is, that with an altered acoustic sense the nature of looking at things changes as well and the way to visually follow the acoustic resources and orders.