CBG-424: the book


CBG-424 under the forest cover, is the book of my correspondent master thesis project, which I finished by February 2016.

The book documents the investigation and artistic research into the environmental forensic traces left within the Finnish forest landscape, and describes the transformation of the human-nature relationship throughout history, using the example of the Finnish forests.
The book takes the reader on a journey, and discovers how humanity slowly got lost inside an old Finnish pagan mythology, the forest cover (metsänpeitto) – a world where everything stands upside down and works the other way around…

This book was bound by hand, by myself, using a coptic binding technique. The book paper is a chlorine-free, environmentally friendly product by BIOTOP, I could not find out from which forests it originates. The front cover of the book is made out of pine which I received from a carpenter near Vuokkiniemi (a folklore village in Karelia, Russia). The back cover, meanwhile, is made from industrial birch plywood that originates from Finnish forests, and which was bought from the Stark building center in Helsinki, Finland. I made the lettering on the wood cover by using a pyrography pen.

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