Mobile AIR - the tiny house Artist In Residence


Mobile AIR (Artist In Residence) is a non-profit program that will enable artists from Germany and abroad to realize site-specific field research projects and exhibitions. It offers a new, flexible and mobile platform for artistic research and creation.

This Berlin-based residence studio is very small, measuring only 6,5m2, making it very flexible. It will be off-the-grid, equipped with an Internet connection, and can be transported to specific sites and parked for short or long periods of time. The artist-in-residence can therefore realize site-specific projects at places that might otherwise be difficult to access for longer periods of time. Unlike other residencies, which are generally tied to specific locations, Mobile AIR enables artists to choose the site of their residences. Since the house is so small, every piece of the interior is carefully considered. A lot of the furniture are foldable, some are expandable, and some can even completely disappear from view.
Depending on the house’s particular location where it is placed, the house can either become an isolated workspace or, alternatively, a very open room, linking directly to the public.

The idea is to not only offer space to artists, but also to create a space for connection, open workshops, creativity, participation, conversation and exchange with the public.

The residence is open for artists working in all fine arts, as well as artistic research, bio-art, environmental art, art journalism, photography, performance, dance, music, and literature. Residencies can last from one week up to three months.

You can find more information about the house and the progress here:

Currently the house is part of a community project in Berlin Weissensee. You can finde more details about the project by clicking on “work”, or on Facebook: