Insel Weissensee


Insel Weissensee is a non-profit communal project in the neighborhood of Berlin Weissensee.

Since October 2018 a room for projects and experiments is enfolding itself, right here, in the garden of the former Bethanien church at Mirbachplatz.
With four tiny houses, of which two are currently being built on the site itself, a space for art, concepts, events and activity is arising, with and for the neighborhood.
Die Insel (the island) community currently consists of five members and tiny house owners / builders, not to forget several active neighbors who are actively participating in the project.

With a temporary usage permission of the property (until June 2020), we clear the way for nonprofit happenings and seek for possibilities to realize those in collaboration with the neighborhood. We want to know and test what can be done once unused fallow land is opened up for project development.
Insel Weissensee is a space for creation, projects, workshops, concepts and a meeting point. For interested and motivated people, for the neighborhood. A green island, in the thick of it.

We are constantly in development and brainstorming and we are looking for neighbors and interested people who want to actively participate and / or realize own ideas!

Visit us, talk to us, or drop us an email: